Week #6: Ghost World / Hawkeye #19

This week I read Ghost World by Daniel Clowes, as well I read Hawkeye #19 by Matt Fraction. These were both interesting reads but overall not my favourite week of comics by a long shot. These books both felt very one note and didn’t really challenge me or present anything really new to me as a reader. As well both had their individual problems. I don’t want to bag on these comics too much as they are not that bad but having just read Doom Patrol and Planetary which did a lot and were amazing, these are just a bit of a let down… damn high expectations.

First of Ghost World… don’t worry I promise I’ll make this post easier to read than this comic. This was the most boring comic so far. I felt like i had seen this comic 100 times before, I got vibes of Breakfast Club, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and a hundred other coming of age tales just this one fell a little flat for me. Maybe I just don’t like it cause nothing exploded. I just found out there is a movie so I think I’m going to give the movie a chance, I just don’t think this kind of story works in the comic book medium but that’s just my opinion.

Next is Hawkeye #19, definitely the better of the two. Oddly enough the reason I actually liked this comic is not because of the story, but rather what the comic represented. This particular issue featured ASL throughout the issue. The purpose of this is maybe lost on me cause deaf people who use ASL can still see and are able to read just like everybody else. If there was one criticism of the ASL is that it feels kinda gimmicky as it doesn’t serve any purpose, if anything it achieves the opposite goal it is striving for. More inclusion of everyone sounds like a great idea but the only problem is the deaf are not excluded to begin with, this comic just excludes people who can not read ASL which is a little ironic if you think about it. Literature is one of the only areas deaf people have that their disability is irrelevant. Minus that one tiny criticism I really enjoyed the idea of it, promoting awareness of ASL and the struggles of deaf people in day to day life is certainly an important topic that is not talked about very much.

One thought on “Week #6: Ghost World / Hawkeye #19

  1. Hi Evan,
    I agree with your comments about Ghost World. I also found it quite boring and unoriginal. I never thought of the breakfast club but that is a great point. One thing I did like about the comic was the development of the main character Enid. I found that she had more self growth then any other protagonist we looked at.


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